About Guardian Chess


History, motivation and vision

Guardian Chess was founded in 2017 with the idea of developing classic 8x8 chess game.

With the advent of mass communication media the environment are entering games which, in our opinion, do not help the human population and especially the youth: such as the development of intellect, strategic, tactical and combination thinking.

For several decades, there has been a demand in the professional chess community: to make the 8x8 chess game more attractive as it loses popularity. In a detailed analysis of the chess game 8x8, we came to the conclusion that it is no longer possible to make this game more attractive so that the intervention continuously links the game and does not disturb the flow of moves.

The chess game with 8x8 boxes has been played for approximately 1700 years. Nobody knows exactly where it came from. Several countries are claiming origin: India, China, Arabic countries, Persia (Old Iran), etc . This new version of the chess game draws its roots from the history of the Indus Valley, where once the concept of one of the oldest games in the world came to life. In our opinion, the origin of contemporary chess can be found in Pakistan (old India). During the excavations next to the town of Harappa, a fragment of an old chessboard and stone figures were found, which, according to archaeologists, is approximately 4500 years old. Today, this fragment of an old chessboard can be found in the Harappa Museum.

When graphically illustrating a chessboard fragment from Harapp's excavations, we found that it had 10x10 squares. Our task was to find out what kind of figures they were missing, and what powers they had. Based on logical reasoning, we conclude that in the history of chess, which is a military struggle of two opponents, by the King and Queen never stood gunners, but guardians, thus bodyguard. This is logically the name of the missing figure: “The Guardian”.

We also guessed the movement of the Guardians on the chessboard, which we derived from the fighting techniques of the current guardian of the king and queen called Kalaripayattu. They used the first martial arts in the history of mankind and also several combat weapons, but one of their favorites was a special flexible sword, which could hurt their opponents at 2 meters.

The new game has become immensely interesting as countless new combinations and variations have been created. About 6400 billion percent more options than classic 8x8 chess. Classic chess 8x8 is long overdue. Its aging has been known for its inadequacy for hundreds of years. Professionals will tell you that it's no longer creativity, but who learns the most moves ahead. The lack of modernity and innovation allow a monotonous, united and sad state.

Therefore, we are committed to promoting a sense of honest play for the new generation in order to balance the equilibrium.